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URI Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry Lab 

Mission: We aim to do research with the highest scientific integrity, addressing climate and oceanographic questions that touch society's biggest challenges and those that expand our core knowledge of the Earth system.

Values: Our group's priority is to foster a positive environment for junior scientists to thrive and grow, and to advance equity, inclusion and diversity in science by elevating individuals that have been systematically suppressed from the scientific community for too long.

 We study ocean circulation in order to understand the cycling of  carbon, oxygen, nutrients, and the ocean's role in climate.

We are presently exploring ocean circulation variability in the North Atlantic.  We have projects in the Gulf Stream, the oxygen minimum zone, and the subpolar North Atlantic. But our interests and modeling work extend to the global oceans and climate.

Our Tools

We use the tools best suited to the question at hand, including Lagrangian floats, ocean gliders, autonomous surface vehicles, archived historical and satellite data, moored instrumentation, and climate models.

Undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and national and international collaborators are all essential partners in research.

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